Champagne Mouse

home of twisted wire mouse ears


Tiffany De Los Santos

After the baby, we haven't spent much time outside of the house. We've done the typical, but oh e exciting, target run, but that's about it. So when I heard that Wonderspaces was coming to San Diego, I knew we had to make the visit happen. 

I called grandma and asked her to watch the baby dragons, making sure to give her a proper amount of time to mentally prepare herself for our invasion. And after she agreed, it was on! Outfit planning and of course, I finally decided to wear my ears outside of the parks.

The day came, and I got to say, it was amazing. All installations were expertly and artistically designed. It was like a MIckey Bar for the eyes. I made sure to match my ears to their overall aesthetic, and boom, the whole day was a success.  I totally had a blast bringing the Champagne to Wonderspaces.